Posted by: hyacinthus | September 10, 2007

How high is 40-storey HDB flat?

It’s hard not to notice existence of the new 40-storey SERS HDB flats in brown and beidge, next to Commonwealth station.

The Rendering

Looking up the repeating patterns of its facade.

Looking up from level one at its foot reflexology park.

A warmly-lit lobby with 6 express lifts serving all the way to 40-storeys.

I see these blocks of flats are probably popular with expatriates cos I also saw a caucasian family on my first visit to the flats.

Yesterday, there were 3 other young caucasians in the lift. As they were carrying shopping bags from Sheng Siong supermarket and wearing casually, I supposed they have rented a flat from a SERS family as HDB has a policy on HDB flat owners who wish to rent out their entire flat.


Each floor is styled somewhat like a hotel.

Wow! High…

Currently, Sheng Siong supermarket and Long John Silvers are the only shops opened.

We had to queue and wait for 45min to have a simple fish and chips meal!

The answer for my blog question? Around 150m 🙂



  1. Nice write-up!

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