Posted by: hyacinthus | September 7, 2011

Growing Yeast – 4th Day


The raisin water gave a “pop” sound when I open the air-tight container and it smells like beer today 🙂

All raisins have floated to the top. So, it’s time to discard the raisins and keep the raisin water in the fridge. To make the yeast, I added about 100g of this raisin water to approximately same weight of bread flour in the ratio of 1:1.

Let’s check its progress again tonight 😉

* I forgot to weigh and used estimation for the ratio. Hope it works.

The levain (as it’s so called) has risen a bit after 38min.

Forgot to change the label text to 6pm. Transferred to a larger container in case the levain grow too big while I’m sleeping… Also tasted the levain when transferring. Slightly sweet 🙂

Follow-up on the levain here.




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