Posted by: hyacinthus | September 13, 2011

How did the sandwich bread turn out?

I was busy with school project and mid-term test that I couldn’t find time to post the update to the dough that was left in the oven overnight to ferment.

Well, before showing you the pictures, here’re the ingredients used…

Ingredients used

Levain 240g
Waitose Bread Flour 240g
Perrier Mineral Water 80g
Butter 30g
Salt 4g
Sugar 60g
Milk Powder 10g

Here’s the result

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I didn’t expect the fermentation process to increase the temperature in an enclosed oven (which was cool and wasn’t switched on the whole night!)

The dough “exploded” in the sandwich tin probably due to higher temperature. Good thing I have a wet kitchen towel wrapping the tin the night before. So, it didn’t create a mess in my oven. But, it’s really tough removing the sticky dough from the kitchen towel.

After the dough exploded while I was sleeping, I guess the fermentation process kind of stopped and caused a depression in the dough.

Lesson to learn here is not to leave the bread in an enclosed oven overnight, especially using levain and gassy spring water. It was okay in the fridge for overnight dough method because the surrounding temperature was kept constant at 5ºC.


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