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Lunar Eclipse on 10 Dec 2011

Lunar Eclipse

Lunar Eclipse

Took this last night 🙂

You can see larger versions at

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This snake scared the hell out of me! I was walking down a flight of steps at Labrador park when I saw it in my path! Strangely, it doesn’t move. Is it dead?

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Pretty Cover for Ceramic White Samsung Galaxy S II

Someone commented recently that I was still holding to the Samsung Galaxy S I.

After a week travelling in Taipei, I decided to buy a ceramic white Samsung Galaxy S II. White because my brother is using a black version. Didn’t want any chance of a mix-up.

Unlike the black version, the white version has a glossy back cover which is prone to scratches.

As a result, I went searching for a cover. This Cath Kidston phone cover was most lovely among other choices available. So, I got it for S$28.90 from NEX a few days ago. Love it for the non-slip material and prints. Goes well with my white phone, isn’t it?

Feelings, unlike phones, are hard to let go and trade in for the better. 


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Sony USB Portable Power Supply CP-A2L

Just went to Sim Lim to search for a portable power supply unit that can charge my Samsung Galaxy I on the go. Found this Sony USB portable power supply (lithium) unit which I think is reasonably priced given the ones I’ve seen at Sim Lim. This made in China 4000mAh Sony unit costs S$40 after asking for a discount. The store is at a corner near Fuwell on the 4th floor. I’ve also seen one 1800mAh unit no-brand-and-made-in-China which costs S$18 at a shop on the 6th floor, just where the lift opens. However, I decided the Sony unit might be better given that the price / mAh is the same but Sony is reputable and its unit has a larger power capacity. Just note that it’s good for 500 charges according to Sony’s instructions.

I think the Sony USB portable power supply unit comes charged already. I could use it to charge my handphone when I got home.

Sony USB Portable Power Supply

Sony USB Portable Power Supply

After 1 hour of charging, it’s 64% charged (up from 16%).

Sony USB Portable Power Supply

Sony USB Portable Power Supply

Before the phone is fully charged, the power supply is fully drained. Hehehe… at least it gave the handphone 94% battery life (in 2 hour 15min using they Sony unit out of the box without charging first) before it’s fully discharged.

Now, I’m charging the Sony unit for the first time 🙂

This is where I bought it. I’m not sure if they will give the same discount though.

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VPOST Service Lapse

I’m terribly disappointed with VPost’s service.

Here’s my story.

My parcel was processed at their USA address. That means VPostUSA has received the parcel from Kitchenaid.

Then, I received another email on 13 August 2011 that my parcel has reached Singapore and I SHOULD receive my parcel within 3 working days. However, nothing was delivered even as of now as I type out this post!

I sent 2 feedback to VPOST and all I got was standard replies. I gave them 2 weeks and they still cannot locate my parcel????

Do you think I should send this to ST Online?

Update on 22 Sep 2011: They did not send me any status update of the parcel as I update this post 😦

Update on 25 Sep 2011: Sigh… 😦


Update on 28 Sep 2011: I’ve just ask for a status update. I wonder who really is following up on my case? Every time, I see a different person replying to me.

Side Note:

I can’t use my kitchenaid ice-cream maker (bought from Amazon) made for US market because of a safety ring that comes with the Kitchenaid mixer bought in Singapore. Why don’t I buy the ice-cream attachment from Mayer? The Singapore distributor does not stock the ice-cream maker for months already and they do not sell the adapter for use with this localized model.

After sending a feedback to Kitchenaid via Facebook, they offered to send me a free adapter to use with my standing mixer. But, a US address is required. So, I use VPOSTUSA’s. VPOST system was dumb enough. They required an amount. I told them it’s FOC and they replied that their system cannot process without a figure. Exasperatedly I told them it’s FOC, type “1” if your system cannot accept any amount <= “0”.

Sigh… after all that trouble and wait, I’m still waiting for it to be found and delivered… 😦

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