Posted by: hyacinthus | September 8, 2011

Sandwich Bread Made with Raisin Yeast Water Levain

Some days ago, I’ve made sandwich bread using instant yeast with success. Today, I made a sandwich bread using naturally cultured yeast at home 🙂

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Recipe for making the sandwich bread using naturally grown fruit yeast in a pre-fermented dough mixture. 



Waitose Organic Bread Flour 240g
Anlene Milk Powder 10g
Sugar 40g
Sea Salt 8g
Raisin Yeast Water Levain 210g
Water 80g


Unsalted SCS Butter 42g


1. Mix A together till a wet, messy and sticky dough is formed.

2. Knead by hand or using stand mixer till the dough becomes more stretchable and smooth. Add B.

3. Knead again till the dough is smoother and more stretchable.

4. Rest the dough for fermentation. As this is natural yeast, it takes a much longer time at room temperature to rise. Mine risen only by 1/6 of its original size after 2 hours. Had to use oven temperature at 50°C to speed up the process. Good thing the yeast survived. If you have time, it’s best to let it rise naturally at room temperature.

5. Test the risen dough. If the indentation holds the shape of your floured finger when you poke in, it’s ready to be punched down and divided into 3 equal portions.

6. Roll each portion long and flat. Roll it up like a cigar and place it in the sandwich tin. Do the same for all 3 portions.

7. Let the 3 portions proof in the greased tin (use butter unless you want your sandwich tastes like olive oil or whatever) till it’s 90% full. Cover with the sandwich tin lid. For me, I have no time to wait today. So, chuck it in the oven w/o preheating at 200°C for 45min when it has only risen till about 75% of the tin height. As a result, my sandwich is not a perfect square and has uneven holes too.

8. Remove from the tin immediately and let it cool.

Verdict: Super soft bread with crusty crust when freshly baked. After slicing and keeping the sliced sandwiches in a ziplock bag while it’s still hot maintains the softness. However, the crust will become softer. Overall, I find using natural yeast makes the bread softer and more fragrant compare to using instant yeast.

Try if you have time. Really fun! 🙂


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