Posted by: hyacinthus | November 3, 2007

Photoshop CS3 Up and Running!

I had finally installed Photoshop CS 3 (after overcoming a known bug)!

The Box

A white box underneath the cover

What’s in the box? Finally, they stop printing those heavy manuals and include them as softcopies in the DVD instead.

What’s in the DVD Casing?

Insert the DVD to stall the software…

Follow instructions to install…

Starting at 1:49pm

Ended at 2:08pm

Entering software key to activate the software – think it’s up to 3 time of use only.

Activate online

Try editing…

What’s this?

“Could not complete your request because something prevented the text engine from being initialized”

Why can’t I add text onto the image?

Search on the web and found what’s the problem – fonts. The advice given was not so clear and straight forward. So, I went to Fonts folder in my Windows folder. Right-click on Fonts folder and click Install New Font…

Click Select All button to select all fonts. Uncheck Copy fonts to Fonts folder option and click Install button.

You will be prompted with as many message boxes as the number of fonts in this folder. The message box will ask if you wish to replace the fonts that were already installed. Just click yes all the way. (I don’t know which fonts were not installed correctly, so re-install all fonts)

When completed, open Photoshop again and try to add text to your picture. The problem should go away.

If at least one of your fonts is not installed correctly, the error will appear again. This seems to be a problem only for Photoshop CS2 and above.

Other than the problem above, I find the additional features in this software are much better than the previous versions.



  1. Thank you so much!
    it works!
    you saved my life!

  2. I’m so happy that the solution has saved you! 😀

  3. well i did what you told me to do but i get that error…i have removed such fonts as symbol and ADMUI3 and i keep checking to see if theres a corrupt font by scrolling though all the fonts i have

    it won’t let me type in courier and i believe its messed up but im not sure i wanan remove because its a system font…please email me if you have any idea on what i should do…


  4. hmm… you might want to reinstall all your fonts again to ensure all fonts are truly installed as that is probably source of the problem.

    I’ve emailed you too 🙂

  5. If I right click on the fonts folder I don’t get install new font? How did you get that.

  6. I am using Vista. If you are using older Window versions:

    1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
    2. Click File | Install New Fonts…

    Hope that helps you.

  7. Hey thanks man, quick solution was much better than my other options. Got me up and running again in just a few minutes rather than a full day of troubleshooting. I appreciate it!

  8. u r welcome. I’m glad that my quick solution works for most people. 🙂

    Perhaps, Adobe could do something to patch up the fonts preview program cos people seldom bother about installing fonts correctly.

  9. thx for the solution, never clicked so much in 2 minutes though, but hey.. 😉

  10. u r welcome 😉

    must have lots of fonts in your folder! 😀

  11. God bless you buddy .. it worked for me too ..

  12. That file from rapidshare is offline. Could someone re-upload it, because I got the same problem and I can’t fix it. Thank you 🙂

  13. @mohammad
    glad it worked for you 🙂

    you should ask that question on Adobe forum and not on my blog cos I don’t have the file.

  14. Wow, thanks a lot! I can hardly type now after hitting the “Enter” key for a solid 10 minutes, but you’ve saved my monitor from having a fist-sized hole through it. Worked like a charm.

  15. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!

    It really works, folks! It really works!

    First I relocated my recently installed fonts into a new folder. Then I followed the instructions above to re-install the original fonts. Now it works.

    The error is probably caused by too many fonts or a bad one. I really appreciate the fix.


  16. @Matt

    heheh… you must have lots of fonts 😉

    I would be violent too if there’s no solution for it. Imagine spending > S$1k for a software and realised you can’t add text to the images! Something that’s so BASIC!

    Won the software in a Adobe Seminar lucky draw. So, I wasn’t so angry when the error was encountered.

    You are welcome! 😀

  17. Wow this solution worked!!

    Took me only 5 minutes to reïnstall more than 1000 fonts _O_

    Small tip: Don’t keep hitting enter, but hold down the Y key! (y = yes)

    Thx mate.

  18. thanks 4 sharing the tip on holding down “Y” key. So far so good… no repeat of the problem for me. 🙂

  19. Thanks for the information, greatly appreciated!

  20. my pleasure 🙂

  21. this didn’t work for me… I never got a message saying Overrite. I just got alot saying that to instal the new font i had to remove the old one…

  22. you could have missed a step?

  23. Thank you very much !
    worked fine and probably because it was so well explained what to do !

  24. u r welcome! 🙂

  25. to much time spent on dafont made this an arduous task but it could have been a lot worse thanks!

  26. i tried all.
    but it still not working..

    I’ve installed Illustrator about 8 hours ago.
    maybe this problem is about it.

  27. Thanks a million!

  28. Thank you, this helped me!!

  29. Great! this works!!!!

  30. @alpcan
    try again.

    @michael, Maria, snietsel
    u r welcome 😉

  31. Thank you SO MUCH. I was nearly ready to hyperventilate when CS2 started having problems completely out of the blue. I had far too many projects to finish this week to deal with this. You are a life saver.

  32. Worked like charm! Thank you.

  33. Worked great after hitting enter 500 times….


  34. Thanks for saving my sanity!!!

  35. It didnt work for me 😦 i uninstalled font installed it like u said still get problem i tryed taken the font off and it still didnt work 😦

  36. Gee, i thought it’s a dead end with this bug, but your solution was a real break-through 🙂
    Thanks man.

  37. Thank you SOOOO much! I worked on this for a whole day until I found your site and now after about 2 minutes everything’s working great! 🙂

  38. helped a ton! thanks!

  39. Thank you !! this worked for me

  40. Thanks, great fix!

  41. It works!!!!
    Thanks a loooooot!!

  42. If you are a Vista user like me and your right-click didn’t give you the option to install a new font, try this:

    > control panel
    > type ‘install font’ in the upper right search bar
    > click on Fonts (green text)
    > right click anywhere, choose ‘install new font’

  43. thanks your solution worked 🙂

  44. i love u

  45. Lol, you don’t know how to make screenshots? 😀

    Thank you for this solution! 🙂

  46. Thank you thank you thank you!!! This was such an easy solution (and an effective one). Much more than any other I found on the web. Really appreciate you adding it!!

  47. thank you! this fixed that problem 😀 now if only i could figure out why my liquify filter stopped working!

  48. Thanks so much for the help!!!

  49. It worked perfectly… Thanks a million =)

  50. Thank you so much for thank=] it fixxed my problem=]

  51. glad it helped many 🙂

    Ruben: can’t see the cursor with screenshots (unless u add the cursor using mwsnap etc) and this looks more engaging! 🙂

  52. […] just noticed you use Vista – Here’s a solution by some guy who seems like a Vista user. Photoshop CS3 Up and Running! hya*cinthus™ Cheers __________________ Practical Answers to Chicken & Egg Marketing Model – No Marketing […]

  53. i don’t have “install new font…”
    dude i use windows xp, what do i do? :/

  54. hi cheyenne,

    r u the cheyenne that I have a link to?

    btw, if you are using older Window versions:

    1. Go to C:\WINDOWS\Fonts
    2. Click File | Install New Fonts…

    Hope that helps you.

  55. Thank you very much! It has been a frustrating evening, and I had to reinstall Photoshop, and I had to put a few finishing touches on a website, and then suddenly this new problem with the text engine appears. But your great instructions fixed the problem.

  56. Thank you sooo much! This saved me from some major aggrivation.

  57. If you’re having any trouble getting this to work, make sure you dont click too fast – i found that i was clicking too fast and it didnt go through all the fonts correctly.

  58. hey guys … its not working! 😦
    I tried to install new fonts and all u said but it keeps on saying that I need to delete the old version and there is an OK and CANCEL… nothing more , nothing less!

  59. Oh my goodness. I thought for sure this wouldn’t work but it did! I’m so happy.
    I think I love you XD

  60. dude, it does not work. I did this twice, following the instructions closely everytime, and when I opened photoshop after each try, I was dissapointed to find it not working. Have you missed a step?

  61. omg….it does not work….i d reinstall….any idea?

  62. I use vista and when I right click on fonts it gives me only the option to open it and when I open it and select all i am not able to click install fonts. Anyone using vista and has tips please help.

  63. Jim, AhKOK and dazzling:
    Sorry. I don’t provide tech support. Try again. Perhaps, you’ve missed some steps?

  64. You’re my hero!!

    tnks so so so so so much!

    God bless you

  65. Whoa! Thanks a lot for this article! I finally resolved the issue… I’m just a bit frustrated because I just bought a new PC with Vista and it’s really problematic. *sigh*

  66. This didn’t work for me. I’ve installed all font but when I open PS CS3 it’s the same. Any ideas?

  67. To those of you for whom this is still not working (or can’t follow the instructions specifically), this has happened to me three separate times when I have installed Photoshop on various clients computers.

    The way I solved it:
    • Photoshop chucks loads of fonts in your font folder when you install it, one of these is causing the problem, but often simply removing it will not work.
    • Close Photoshop
    • Open C:\Windows\Fonts
    • Make the files display in view mode ‘Details’
    • Click the ‘Date Modified’ tab
    • Select all the fonts modified today (or the day of the installation), and move them into a temporary folder.
    • In this folder, find the file name ‘generic.otf’ and delete it (it isn’t a real font file and won’t install).
    • Move all the other fonts back into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder.
    • Restart Photoshop

  68. Thank you for your help

  69. THANK YOU!

    My laptop bit the dust and I purchased a new pc with vista on it, after installing photoshop I was in a panic since I would NOT find a clear answer.

    YOU ROCK! this tutorial got the problem solved 😀

  70. Wicked, sorted straight away.. thought I was going to have to phone tech support!! thanks for your help 🙂

  71. Thank you very much, it helped and solved lots of problems 🙂

  72. Great help Hyacinthus! I spent hours googling for the solution of this problem until I came across your blog. Thanks a million mate!

  73. Thank you very much for this valuable information. Even though it worked i had to click yes to every singe font that i had. for some reason there wasnt a “yes to all” button -.- but thank you so much!!!!!!

  74. YOU are my HERO!! and SAVIOR!!
    I have been banging my head on my desk for the last 2 days trying to get my text to work. I searched high and low over the Internet and Adobe support site for help and NONE NONE of it work. Then I found your site and VOILA, the sea parted, the clouds lifted and the earth stopped shaking because YOUR FIX WORKED! And it was quick, painless and easy to do. Thank you Thank you. I wish I could reach out and kiss you. ^_^

  75. DUDE. there is a waaat easier way
    just press win+r (run) and then type %USERPROFILE%\AppData\Local\Adobe\TypeSupport
    the delete wverything in that folder. THIS WORKS!!!

  76. Gaura Mohana
    yep…that was easy…tnx man

  77. Thanks so much!!

  78. Gaura Mohana u owned me!!!!!!!!
    TY SOOO MUCH aaarghgghghgh

  79. Thanks mate!

    You’ve rescued my life! This article deserve a digg 🙂

  80. Thanks! I moved all my font to a different folder then moved them back to Win/Fonts. I dragged them all in and I was able to find the font that was causing the problem because Win could not re-install it. When I opened Photoshop, it worked fine! Thanks for the help. Thank you also to Barney.

  81. Try reading this post guys

    For those of you that have the Text Engine Prevented problem

  82. Thank God that i found your site .. XD .. i did what you wrote and it worked perfectly !

    Thank You .. ❤

  83. […] i found the selution .. XD >> HERE […]

  84. […] font error did not occur for this version […]

  85. AWESOME! I’m glad this worked for me. I was ready to just go back to what I am comfortable with (Photoshop 7 :P). Thanks a lot!

  86. In Photoshop, just go to the pull down font menu via the text tool. The dysfunctional font should be checked. You can also tell which ones are faulty as no “sample” text will be to the right. Delete said fonts.

    You will have to close Photoshop to empty the trash but there is no need to restart the computer.

    BTW-I am a Mac user but surely this will work on any version of CS2/3/4

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