Posted by: hyacinthus | September 9, 2007

Akira Japanese Restaurant at Link Hotel

Probably, Link Hotel has not completed yet.

There’s only one Japanese restaurant – Akira seen on its ground floor, next to its bird arena.

I love Japanese food!

The ala carte buffet menu got me interested and I’m interested to try with my parents. The offerings looked similar to Hanabi’s and cost for dinner are the same except Hanabi offers 70 choices while Akira offers 89 choices on the ala carte buffet menu. Wondering if it would be better than Hanabi?

Looks good right? 🙂

Akira Japanese Restaurant
50 Tiong Bahru Road
Link Hotel
Singapore 168733

Tel: 6738-6221
Business Hours: 11.30am – 10.30pm daily.



  1. You literally took pics of the menu right in the middle of placing orders? Whoa that’s something I should learn:)

  2. Hi cheyenne,

    hehe… I wouldn’t dare… they might sue me for copyright… and have not tried the food yet.

    I took the menu from outside cos it was pasted on the glass wall. You can see some reflections, right?

    anyway, I seeked their permission before photographing it.


  3. just would like to know what other link which has collection of japanese food.
    i just luv japanese food and the presentation is always nice.
    i remember in japan most restaurants will actually have wax display (with price)
    easier to take a pic on that, i guess ;P

  4. Only 3 entries for Japanese food so far

    I have another one on Japanese model food

    Hope that helps 🙂

  5. I have been an ardent customer of Akira when it was located at Emerald Hill. We had enjoyed the personalized services provided by 2 of the waitresses and its generous serving of Buffet.

    After it was sold to a new owner and now located at Tiong Bahru, I had visited it few months ago with 2 of my buddies. After the visit, we told ourselves, that will be our 1st and last visit to the restaurant.

    To our great disappointment, we no longer find the familiar friendly services we have enjoyed. When we requested for more serving of the Japanese sashimi Mekajiki, we were served 3 pieces very thinly sliced of the fish. The whole evening, we had to constantly place order for it. Hence we suggested to the waiter to save him and the chef’s time and efforts, why don’t they serve us in bigger portion instead. The waiter empathized with us but advised it is the restaurant’s policy he had to abide too.

    It is very stressful to patronize a restaurant who is so stingy in the serving of food. They would rather spend money on TV advertisments, than to be more generous to its customers.

    In addition, the senior employee, an elderly lady with specatacles manning the counter is simply very unfriendly and unprofessional at all. Overall the services sucks!

    I hope this information will be helpful to those who plan to visit Akira, and think twice before you regret it.

    16 July 2009

  6. Good to see a feedback about it finally. I’ve only tried once when it first open… yes… the service was slow then…

  7. It is a TERRIBLE place to eat. Dont go there. I’m blogging an entry on that place now, and I’ll link it when I’m done.

  8. read about my experience at AKIRA here…

    Please dont go back!

  9. O no! Was going to go there for my bday dinner… hhmm~ perhaps just give them benefit of doubt and try it out on my own… or should i go elsewhere and not spoil my bday? =P

  10. 1st the service reponse is slow.
    2nd when we place order for 5 items, only 3-4 came. the sashimi was not served. it was only when we continuous place the order, then it was served.
    3rd when we were did to finish the salmon sashimi that was served, the staff told us why we wasted the food. it was not because we were full.
    the color of the salmon is different from normal. (normally bright orange but the serving comes with a patch of white parts like the skin)and i did tried a piece and the salmon is difficult to chew/break.
    4th the service was poor. there was not even a thank you when you are leaving the place. do you think one will ever go back there if such service is in placed?

    • Balmung, I don’t think so their service is as bad as u mentioned. I think the food is not really as fresh as the authnetic japanese res, but the service still better than another ala-chart buffet where is at SG Flyer. That one really terrible. Anyway, Akira is cheaper, so u have to accept the service of Tiger Airways always different with SG Airlines…^^

  11. To All people out there, Buffet Dinning for sure there is a waiting time for food to be serve..If will to compare their price is really worth and attractive than other japanese restaurant..every place there is policy and regulation to wise i find is all right if you guys to COMPARE BETWEEN SO CALL HIGH END OR LOW END..

  12. Hello guys, just dropping here to share with you this Japanese Restaurant a restaurant offering quality Japanese food at affordable prices. Shin Minori Japanese Restaurant sources for the freshest food from a wide range of suppliers to recreate the flavors of Japan.

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  13. Totally disappointed with place, ” the senior employee, an elderly lady with specatacles manning the counter is simply very unfriendly and unprofessional at all”. I have called up to make an reservation for 2 adult, 1kid and 1 baby. When we reach the restaurant, we told her that we refer the floor cushion seat rather den the table sit. She put us right to at the end corner area where it is so stuffy. We told her that we refer the front cushion sit, she told us it been reserved, I replied her back you mean the customer even had told you where they want to sit then she is speechless and showing me her dark face. After we finished makan, the restaurant is not fully of ppls. The sit that we want is totally empty, the food i would rate so-so only. The atmospheres of the restaurant is sucks…I will never ever want to visit this restaurant anymore with the price that im paying.

  14. Me and my girlfriend went to Akira yest for buffet dinner and it was very bad experience.To be honest,it was the most lousy Japanese restaurant I’ve ever been to.The waiters seem to be inexperienced who don’t even understand simple English.The menu has very standard and average taste dishes.The customer service was extremely poor.

    We ordered food and kept waiting but still nobody had idea why the food didn’t came and had to order 2nd time till we got a small potion of each order on our table.we had to order food all the time because they were bringing quantity in 1-2pcs.this was frustrating.the worst part is that the waiters themselves don’t know anything about the dishes.they were blank n looking starry eyed when we asked them for recommendation.

    We ordered a hot tea pot soup and asked what is it made of and they were asking each other and finally somebody came and told it is made of fish stock.

    Bottom line: if you’re planning to go for Akira,think 10times before you venture out.

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