Posted by: hyacinthus | September 18, 2011

吉利炸猪排 Cheese and Ham Pork Loin

Sometimes, NTUC Fairprice at Bukit Merah sells cheap cookery books. Today, I found one interesting and informative book about handling and cooking pork. Only S$6 and I’ve tried one this evening for dinner. Translating it for you 🙂


2 slices of 224g pork loin (I managed to find 2 equal weight slices. But, it’s not easy to beat the meat to the same area…)
1 slice of ham
1 slice of cheese
Bread crumbs 1/2 cup
Bread flour 1 cup
1 egg (beaten)
Pepper and salt to marinate (according to your liking)


1. Wash the pork loins and dry them with kitchen towel. Place a piece in a plastic bag and hammer the meat almost flat (about 3mm thickness) with a meat tenderizer. Do the same for the other piece. While hammering, try to make sure both pieces of meat will overlap each other nicely. Marinate both meat with pepper and salt.

2. Lay first slice of pork loin with cheese and ham on top, followed by the second slice of pork loin. Hammer the sides to seal the cheese and ham.

3. Coat both sides of the meat with some bread flour. Then, use a brush to coat the beaten eggs on both sides. Lastly, coat both sides of meat with bread crumbs.

4. Deep fry meat in a wok of oil at 160°C (medium heat). About 4min if oil covers the meat. If not, fry 4minutes on each side to get a golden brown colour.

5. When it’s cooled, slice… (it’s quite messy when I sliced mine straight after frying… cheese oozes out!)

This plate is with ham and cheese.

This plate is plainly fried, coated with bread flour, egg and bread crumbs. Goes well with any condiment that you like to pair with.

Compare mine to the book’s, I think the temperature used was probably too high? I didn’t bother to use a thermometer to check :p


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