Posted by: hyacinthus | August 16, 2011

Flaky Yam and Salted Egg Yolk Mooncakes

I made those flaky yam mooncakes again 🙂

This time, I had 4 yam with salted egg yolks and 7 yam with pumpkin paste.

The method used was described in my previous post on yam and pumpkin mooncake. The only difference is to use steamed salted egg yolks in the yam paste. I assume you know salted egg yolks come from ducks. When you removed the black stuff covering the egg, you’ll see a white egg shell. Break it and wash the egg yolk to remove the whites. Don’t worry. The yolk does not break easily like chicken’s egg yolk. For me, I discarded the whites. Some people may want to reserve it to steam for porridge?


I have tried baking the mooncakes on my first try. This time, I tried deep frying 2. It was disastrous! Pastry disintegrated in the hot oil! :p

These were the fried ones.

In the end, I baked rest of the 9 mooncakes in the oven.

The spiral is a little more obvious this time.

Have fun trying 😉


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