Posted by: hyacinthus | August 11, 2011

Yam and Pumpkin Pastry Mooncake

About 1 more month, it’s mid-Autumn Festival again. When the time comes for mooncakes, I like teochew style flaky pastry yam and pumpkin mooncakes best! Spent 5 hours and made 10 of these mooncakes today.

I made my own adaptation using the Thousand Layer Yam Mooncake recipe by Choong Su Yin in her book “Moonlit Mid-Autumn Festival“. Egg yolks were replaced with pumpkin paste and I used less yam.

Step 1 – Make the Yam and Pumpkin Paste.

a. Peel, cube and steam 500g yam and half a small pumpkin (I forgot to weigh). Pumpkin will take a little longer to soften.

b. Mix 200g sugar and 50g warm water to softened yam while it’s still hot. Blend it till smooth. I simply use a fork to mash it. As for the pumpkin, I simply mashed it with about 2 tbsps of sugar.

c. Fry 2 pieces of sliced shallots, in 70g peanut oil on medium heat, till fragrant. Remove the shallots. Add the mashed yam and add 50g wheat starch to it. Fry till it’s not sticky to the wok. Remove to cool.

d. As for the pumpkin paste, I simply fry it with a little wheat starch so that it becomes paste like. Remove to cool.

Step 2 – Make the Skin

Water Dough


60g shortening
1 tbsp sugar
80g warm water
1/4 tsp vinegar
180g high protein flour (I used bread flour)


Mix shortening and sugar. Pour in warm water and vinegar gradually, stir well. Stir in high protein flour and knead into dough. Proof for 30min then divide into 6 portions.

Shortening Dough


180g all-purpose flour
100g shortening


Steam all-purpose flour and sieve when it’s cool. (I skipped this step) Knead with shortening evening and divide into 6 portions.

Making the Skin

Difficult to understand the instructions in the book. See the video by someone else for a better idea how to roll the dough after wrapping the shortening dough with water dough.

Step 3 Weigh the fillings, Wrap it and Bake!

a. Weigh the yam and pumpkin fillings. You are baking twelve. Divide into 12 portions of about 70 – 75g. (I’m using a smaller yam. Thus, divided by 10 portions.)

b. I find handling the fillings extremely tacky with bare hands. Have lots of plastic sheets to handle the dough better. It’s easier to clean up too!

c. Just press the yam filling to cover the pumpkin paste filling.

Another tip: Such scoops are so much easier at handling the fillings too.

d. Cover the fillings with the dough and bake it at 180°C for 30min. You can also deep fry them using oil at medium heat.

This is what I got after baking. Somehow, the pastry didn’t turn out nicely.

I recommend that you also look at this recipe to get some idea how to make the pastry more spiral looking.

Overall, it’s still delicious. Especially the fillings. My mum ate the yam and pumpkin fillings and commented they are delicious… like orh nee 😉



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