Posted by: hyacinthus | August 7, 2011

My First Successful Macaroon! :)

Finally, I made my first successful macaroons! 🙂

This is the mastrad macaroon mat that was too big for my oven. I’m using this to ensure the macaroons’ size are consistent.

Need to rest the tray for at least 45min before baking.

It helps to place the mat on a cold surface after baking. It makes it so much easier to remove the macaroons.

Tada! My first successful macaroons with feet! 🙂

Notice there’s no filling for these macaroon shells? It was too late and I was too tired.

L, I hope to share some of these macaroons with you 🙂



  1. That looks so beautiful! Fantastic job! 🙂

  2. That is perfect!! It has risen soo well:-) The macaroon feet is really pretty!! thank you for the tips…Now i am soo inspired to try again.

    • u r welcome. hope u will bake it successfully too 🙂

  3. Hi! Did u buy this recently? I’m hoping to get that mat from Tangs too the next time I head to Singapore 🙂

    • yes. it’s still at tangs vivocity when I last went there about a week ago. They have mats for bigger macaroons. But, I like smaller rounds better.

      BTW, the mat could be bigger than your oven. Measure your oven first 😉

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