Posted by: hyacinthus | August 6, 2011

Quick Tomato Pasta with Cabonara Sauce and Prawns

I was at TOTT store yesterday. Bought this pasta with tomato (S$8.90), squid ink linguine (S$8.90) and squid ink (S$1.80). Found out from another blog that tiny squid ink 4g packet can be bought for S$1.10 at Culina, Dempsey Road and that squid ink linguine costs S$7.80 at NTUC Finest. I’ve overpaid so much! 😦

As it’s just me and maid at home, we simply boiled the pasta, cooked Leggo’s Carbonara Sauce with prawns and that’s our dinner. She was surprised that it was quick and easy to prepare as she has seen me taking a much longer time preparing and cooking Aglio Olio Peperoncio. Of course… where to buy ready prepared and chopped fresh chilli padis and parsley? 😉

All done within 15min (wash up time not included).


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