Posted by: hyacinthus | July 17, 2011

Lost a black Canon S95 Today…

I couldn’t resist the temptation to walk the rail for the third time. Wanted to walk all 23km again from Woodlands. However, there were 3 policemen at Woodlands’ starting point. They wouldn’t allow me to enter and start my rail walk from there. So, I started from Bukit Timah station instead at about 3pm.

Because I’m meeting my brother at Buona Vista on the railway at 4pm, I walked the biking trail parallel to the railway this afternoon, fell off a slope at the end of the biking trail and dropped my camera there. As I was focusing on my injuries, I did not discover that my camera had dropped then. Had to limp my way to meet him and did not take any pictures from there onward.

I went back at 6.25pm to look for the camera at the slope where I fell

It was only after meeting my brother that I realised the camera wasn’t with me.

I was frantic.

It’s gone when I went back to look for it.

What’s left is only this black casing.

I know our love will never come back.

Perhaps, this will come back to me somehow?



  1. […] cut has more or less recovered since my fall off a slope onto track ballast. Bump around the knee area is still there and painful when rubbed on […]

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