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23km Railway Walk from Kampong Bahru to Woodlands

“In response to requests for an opportunity for the public to trek along and experience the tracks, the SLA will be staging its works. From 1 to 17 Jul 2011, the entire line of railway tracks will be open to public for 2 weeks, except for some localised areas.

After 17 Jul 2011, a 3km stretch of railway tracks from Rifle Range Road to the Rail Mall will continue to be open to public till 31 Jul 2011″

Quoted from

I didn’t expect to walk the entire 23 km KTM railway track from Kampong Bahru to Woodlands in 7 hours (including break and photography time on 11 July 2011)!

Was expecting a shorter duration, actually.

However, it was not easy to traipse on track ballast and there wasn’t much shelter from the scorching sun. My soles were painful and muscles were sore from all that walking on those ballast. Took 3 days to recover.

I’ve also logged the paths using Endomondo app on my Samsung Galaxy S I handphone. Battery went flat about 10 – 20 min before I reached the endpoint though. The walking paths and actual time taken to walk are logged in four parts shown as follows:

1. Kampong Bahru to Tanglin Halt (1 hr and 5min) – break for 30min lunch at Commonwealth Koufu foodcourt.

2. Tanglin Halt to King Albert Park / Bukit Timah Station (1 hr and 1min) – To replenish water supply.

3. King Albert Park / Bukit Timah Station to Ten Mile Junction (1 hr and 4min)

4. Ten Mile Junction to Woodlands (1 hr 31min)

There weren’t clear instructions online about the ending point at Woodlands. I thought, “What the heck. Just walk and see how it goes.” If you want to know where the railway track ends at Woodlands, scroll all the way down to the end of this blog post for the answer.

I started my walk from Kampong Bahru by crossing some wooden planks across a small drain to the railway track. See the map below.

See the picture below for the starting point. You can’t go towards the Tanjong Pagar side because it’s cordoned off already.

Here are some pictures taken along the 23-km route.

Many butterflies along the starting part of the track.

A monitor lizard that failed to cross the track safely?

A squirrel in the old squatters next to the railway near Queensway.

I wonder what bird is this black chick? It was running frantically away from me. Too fast to catch it from the front before it disappears into the bushes.

Japanese ladies walking past me.

Bukit Timah Bridge

Across Hindhede Road

Baby monkeys found in the bushes! They were near the railway mall bridge.

Bridge near Railway Mall across Upper Bukit Timah Road

Across Hillview Road.

Gombak Drive Crossing. It’s a road into army camp. My GPS positioning got deflected to Clementi for a while when I walked past this section. As a result, it showed 35km on my endomondo record. So angry! 😦

Not sure who has planted sunflowers next to the railway track. They were facing the sun directly! 🙂

Before Ten Mile Junction / Choa Chu Kang Crossing

Ten Mile Junction / Choa Chu Kang Road Crossing

At Stagmont Ring Crossing. I have a video taken of the KTM train passing this crossing in 2007 on this blog 🙂

Sungei Kadut Ave Crossing

Probably the dirtiest canal in Singapore! It was disgusting looking at those rubbish / plastic bottles 😦

Can see part of Kranji War Memorial from the railway track too.

Looks like a Brahminy Kite – a mascot of Seletar Country Club.

Kranji Crossing

Signs at the end of the railway track were not helpful. Imagine walking back to Yew Tee when the time was already 7pm then! A good Samaritan helped me out 🙂

To get out at the end of the railway, turn to the right of the railway and you will see a gate with a hole in the fence. Go through that hole to get out to Woodlands Road. The picture below shows the gate after I have climbed through the hole, looking inwards to the end of the railway track.

See the map below for the exact location. “X” is where the signs prohibiting you to go beyond are. The side road to Woodlands Road is Kampong Mandai Kechil. According to the good Samaritan, there was a kampong in there before! It’s gone now.

If you enjoy a challenge like this and have time this weekend, try completing the entire 23km in 7 hours or less! 😉



  1. Nice photos. What camera are you using?

    • Thanks. Nikon d90. I am walking along the railway now 😉

  2. I’ll be walking the railway again today! 🙂

  3. Wow.

  4. Great photos. I especially like the ones with the birds, animals and glimpses
    of homes.

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