Posted by: hyacinthus | November 15, 2010

It’s so much cooler!

My room air-con has been serving me for slightly more than a decade, almost 4,000 days excluding those days that I went overseas. It’s a default that came with the house when we moved in late 1999. For some time, I have been accepting all sorts of problems it threw at me – water leaking from it every now and then, flap stopped fanning (see the blu-tack which I used to fix the the flaps’ position) and its blower is very noisy.

Last week, it was leaking again within a month of servicing. Instead of paying for servicing, I decided it’s time to scout around for a new replacement.

After researching a few models, I’m left with Daikin and Mitsubishi Electric models which allow me to reuse the existing concealed pipes without hacking and running pipes along the walls to the compressor outside the house. Eventually, I selected Mitsubishi Electric System 2 Inverter Model: MXY-2E20VA (Compressor) / 2 X MSY-GE10VA (Blower) at S$2,011.60 for its quietness and energy-saving features.

The air-con men came today to replace the existing set and it took them about 2 hours. Sheer hard work… especially, the decade old compressor was very heavy and I’m living on the third floor with no lift.

Well, it’s definitely cooler and quieter now! I am enjoying fresh cool air right now… hmmm… I wonder how long would this last me? 😉


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