Posted by: hyacinthus | October 23, 2010

Master of IT in Business (Service Sector Analytics)

I haven’t been posting for a long time.

After a one year break from work and leaving 2 new jobs, I was looking for a new direction to go. Currently, I’m taking a Diploma in Retail Management at Singapore Institute of Retail Studies. However, I find the course inadequate in preparing me for a job switch to retail industry.

Saw SMU’s advertisement about its new course which focused on Service Sector Analytics recently and decided to go for the information session today to find out more.

What they presented was encouraging and uplifting. It could be a ticket for me to make a successful job switch!

So, I’ve decided to take the course – Master of IT in Business (Service Sector Analytics) and be a guinea pig (first intake). Just submitted and paid S$50 for the course application. The course costs S$40,000 though.

Next thing to do is to take my GMAT test, get my ex-bosses to fill up the referral forms and do well for the interview.

Hope I get accepted and things will change for the better 🙂



  1. This course is expensive !

    Good luck for the application though.

    Btw, are you considering the DX7000? 🙂

    • agree… well, I hope it’s worth the money… cos I’m accepted 🙂

      not buying cameras… at least for the next 2 years 😉

      • Congrats! 明天會更好 🙂

  2. Hi Hya and Surfuz. How are you! How about meeting up to catch up one day?

    Btw, is this a full time course?

  3. How is the course going? Do you find the syllabus useful and practical? Would you recommend it to other IT project managers?

    • I’ve only gone through the first module which is accounting for technology and operations manager. Personally, I think it’s practical. To recommend it or not, it really depends on the person’s ability to commit time to attend the course and do the assignments and project 😉

      • Thanks for your reply. I guess next step is to head over there to check it out.
        Cheers and happy LNY!

  4. hey hyacinthus! could u plzz let me know the contents of any module…. i was considering smu for my masters course. Thanks 🙂

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