Posted by: hyacinthus | December 6, 2009

Golden Crown Raisin Bread

Have you ever felt cheated after buying some sales items? I have. Bought this book “Baking Code” for S$15 at John Little’s Expo Sale last month. Guess what? It is sold cheaper at Popular! 😦

Anyway, I tried its method of making bread soft using  overnight sponge dough. Final product is soft but it’s basically a bland bread with raisins… not going to post the recipe here. Just some pictures.

This is the overnight dough – proof for 30min then refrigerate it overnight. Need to use cling wrap over it to prevent hardening.

After 30min… didn’t take a picture of it the next day, the the dough simply filled up the entire rice bowl!

The overnight dough is already knead into the main dough mixture and this is after proofing.

Dough was divided into 9 pieces as shown below.

After 30min… poof! Fresh yeast is very important! Hmmm… wonder how much it will grow further if I simply set aside like that?

After baking…

Soft and fluffy! But, the buns are heavier than the usual one bought from traditional bakeries.

I wonder why?



  1. Wow, strange as it may sound, it looks like real!

    That reminds me long time ago, when I was a student, I have attempted to bake my own bread. Not too successful I recall. Too hard … lol.

    I suspect the commercial ones may have some secret chemical added. Just my speculation.

  2. u can get soft and fluffy home made bread easily with instant yeast (use packet ones – yeast will lose its effectiveness 1 or 2 days after opening if u do not refrigerate!)

  3. Yep, I remember using instant yeast and went through the process of waiting. Not sure if I waited overnight like you though … hahaha.

    • I could only think of 3 reasons for hard breads:
      a) your instant yeast used could be dead i.e. it was exposed to warm temperature over a long period of time / expired.
      b) liquid used in your dough was too hot that it killed the yeast. 45 deg celsius is the best!
      c) your recipe is for bread with hard crust e.g. Italian Bread.

      there’s no need for overnight dough to make bread soft. I did brioche without the overnight dough and it came out light and fluffy! 🙂

      • Alright, thanks for the tips and I shall bear that in mind 🙂

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