Posted by: hyacinthus | October 15, 2009

Jobs: Plenty on Jobstreet but no Interviews

I had a good paying job before resigning late July. If I had stayed for money sake, I would have a job albeit uninteresting and irritating.

So, I thought I might as well quit to focus looking for a new job and spend more time with myself as well as my family.

Coming 25 Oct, it’ll be full 3 months since my last working day.

There are plenty of jobs on jobstreet and I’ve applied to a few. However, there are no interviews yet.

I nearly had an interview with iDA… only to find out a day before the interview that they can’t hire me because of their rehiring policy. I was very angry then. Don’t they check my resume? I took so much time filling up their online application form (anyone who has applied to iDA will understand the pain!). It was only after some questioning that I understood their rehiring policy works against ex-employees. How exasperating! Rehiring policy so strict that rehiring is remote.

So, I guess I have to continue sending job applications for now.



  1. Best of luck in finding the right job. The market is going up and up. More decent jobs should be available as we speak!

  2. I certainly hope so. Though, I’m enjoying the leisure time I have now, I hope to start on a new job that will make me happy too!

    • So how’s the job hunt going? Any luck so far?

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