Posted by: hyacinthus | September 18, 2009

Buzz Cashier 2 Prawn Noodles at Boon Tat Street

Prawn Noodles at Boon Tat St

Prawn Noodles at Boon Tat St

I was attending Project Management Professional certification course this week in Central Business District.

My course mates shared that they could not find where the Buzz Cashier 2 Prawn Noodles stall was.

Being familiar with the area (I was working for Ministry of National Development for almost 10 years. Resigned early this year), I gallantly offered to bring them there.

This is the dry and spicy version which costs S$3 for a small portion 🙂

Prawn Noodles at Boon Tat St

Though the prawn mee and soup tasted good and prawns were very fresh, my preferred version is still Adam Food Centre’s Bak Kut Prawn Noodles! More flavourful and yummy!



  1. Oh yes, I love that prawn noodle too! I used to work around that area. Sadly, not anymore.

    • hmm… there used to be another Prawn Noodle shop along the same side as Thiam Hock Keng. Which one did you try? This stall is newly setup.

  2. mmm…prawn noodle!! I must have this when I am back in Asia!

  3. Hi All,
    I was interviewed for buzzing cashier prawn noodle episode as the only “Western guy” (I think it’s episode 9) loving these noodles. The noodles were amazing (worth waiting for 30 minutes). I couldn’t get any youtube of this episode. Did anybody recorded?

    • Hi Jacques,

      I can’t find on youtube too. Perhaps, u can try writing in to TCS 8 for the segment since you are a participant in that show? 🙂

      Warm Regards

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