Posted by: hyacinthus | July 12, 2009

Spring Cleaning

My room (and life) needs spring cleaning.

Too much has been accumulated over the years. I don’t know how many of you are like me, hoard lots of stuff in the room, can’t bear to throw and thought it could be of use some time in future.

4 days at home nursing those nasty bites (blisters are still there), I threw away at least 10 boxes of stuff… be it Home and Decor magazines (wish they have digital version e.g. pdf), out-dated computers and IT books, free souvenirs like notepads, banks’ / Telco’s correspondences  etc etc… I was doing whatever I could to eliminate any possible source of spiders. Found no spiders though. Lots of old stuff like letters and cards got read over again… after a long, long  time.

There’s still a pile of stuff and my wardrobe needs to be taken care too.

Just a while ago, I was sharing with my mum that those bites probably happened when I had my shoes on, on Monday. The bite locations were areas not covered by shoes. I speculated it could have happened when I was at the elderly care centre last Monday.

You know what she said to me?

“Never mind where you got bitten. The spiders should have bitten you much earlier!” (She said that in a jest because I have been refusing to throw away most of my stuff till the “spider bites” incident.)

Awww… that’s nasty… I’m still suffering from those bites! :-p



  1. Me too. I got books and notes on the floor coz bookshelf run out of space. So it’s normal to have stuffs lying around :p

    • Guess it’s also time for you to spring clean too!

  2. The smell of old books…doesn’t it brings back memories?

    But ouch, the bites look bad…hope it recovers soon!

    • Thanks! The bites are drying up. Just hope the scars will go away in a few weeks’ time!

  3. There’s a scar fading cream sold at guardian. Can get it to hasten the scar healing 😉

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