Posted by: hyacinthus | July 9, 2009

I got bitten!

Not sure what bit me. It’s surely poisonous!

Doctor gave me a jab and some medication. He couldn’t identify what could have caused it.


Swollen feet – Front


Swollen Feet – back


That “little balloon” on my left feet grew bigger this morning… disgusting right?


I burst the other blister on my right feet. You can see some sticky liquid is oozing out from the burst blister…


I wonder what bit me and when will my feet return to normal. Doctor advised not to burst other blisters.



  1. OH MY GOD!

    I hope you get well soon! That doesn’t look very pleasant 😦

    • I hope it will subside soon! 😦

  2. Gosh, really ballooning!

    Get well soon. Hope blister not painful.

    Maybe it’s the spider that also bite spiderman? Hehe.. just a joke.

  3. I dunno what bit me… on the safe side, I’m throwing books and mags near my bed!

  4. oh my god that looks really terrible. don’t move around too much, hope you get well soon!

  5. Ah Yo! Goodness that looks bad….has the swelling gone done yet?

  6. Oh no… looks really bad… hope u will get well soon!!

  7. Eeww it’s times like this I wish photos aren’t captured so sharp and clear. It must be painful, take care!!

  8. Swell has subsided. But, the blister is still there even after squeezing the liquid out… sigh… I think I’m going to have 3 ugly scars on my feet! Hope they will go away with time 😦

    After researching on the web, I think I got bitten by a spider.

  9. After you burst your blisters, remember to clean the wound immediately with soap and water. A secondary infection isn’t going to be funny at all.

  10. I read about it too… the affected area became rotten! yucks!


  11. hi hyacinthus,

    Just read & saw yr blisters & bites. It’s reali bad. Getting better now?

  12. I am sure you were bitten by insect but make sure your wound does not get infected again, .. take good care and clean it every time you back from outside. (Joseph P@D)

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