Posted by: hyacinthus | July 7, 2009

Why volunteer to do such a lowly job?

A colleague of mine fell and dislocated one of her knees.

Ouch! Sounds painful isn’t it? Certainly hopes she gets well soon.

Because she has become immobile for at least 10 days and we have a deadline to meet, another colleague who had to do the article approached me to accompany her to conduct site interviews.

I have done minimal volunteer work. Usually, to old folks homes or care centres for the elderly. Looking at the elderly, I will think about myself naturally. When I grow old as a single, will I become like them? How not to become like that?

One volunteer, a well-dressed “Auntie” with tattoo eyebrows,  shared that people asked her why volunteer to do such a lowly job like cleaning after elderly?

It’s not a lowly job. It takes someone so noble like her to be able to do that for another stranger and befriend them even after they have recovered, despite difference in race and communication difficulties.

When a heart touches another through such kind acts, language and whatever differences are no longer a barrier.

How many of us can be as noble as she is?



  1. Yes, was very touched too..hehe 🙂 By the way Im done withe article…and before the weekend…yeah!!

  2. Good for you! Have fun! 🙂

  3. I can donate money etc but I cannot go old folks home. I will CRY!!!! so its very tough and i still dont have courage to go

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