Posted by: hyacinthus | July 2, 2009

Do Something and Own It for Yourself at least Once in this Lifetime

On my way to lunch with belyl this afternoon, I was surprised to see a former HDB CIO (whom I was grateful to 9 years ago for agreeing to my transfer to MND) standing alongside with us waiting to cross a road.

He has become now CIO of Starhub.

Probably, his work demands and age, he looked more pensive and less cheerful than before. The difference is only clear to someone who has not seen him for years.

I look at my own father who had worked hard and achieved good results managing a French lubricants company in Singapore for slightly less than 20 years. The company had to ask him to go because someone younger and cheaper was seen to be able to do a better job.

He achieved and gained more running a one-man company doing consultation work (with my mum helping him with administrative and accounts).

Whatever high-sounding designation of an organization is not yours unless you own it.

What I am saying is: We should all do something and own it for ourselves at least once in this lifetime – not for the family, not for the company, not for the salary… just for ourselves.



  1. I have been given some thoughts on this topic over the years. I think even as one owns his or her business, you don’t really own it as per se. Your customers still “own” you. And all subjected to political conditions too. My family was used to own quite a fair bit of businesses prior to the Vietnam War. I think, in life, all things are transient. It is how happy you are that matters the most.

    Happy for your dad though. Seems like he is having a great time doing his own consulting work!

    • me too. But, I told myself if I don’t do something and start somewhere. It’ll be just plain thoughts.

      my dad’s so good that he has no problems getting customers. from what I heard from him, this retirement job is almost like a full-time job and he kept getting new customers from referrals which he needs to turn them away. Unfortunately, I’m not qualified to replace him when he truly retires.

      • Hey, who knows? Maybe you can do that too, after your dad truly retires. The thing is, we always think we are not ready. But if we step up to it with full commitment and passion, we too shall grow to the role required us of 🙂

        Sounds like your dad should gather more troops to handle the business. That is good news 🙂

      • Can’t. I don’t have his qualifications and experience. not interested too 🙂

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