Posted by: hyacinthus | June 26, 2009

I have resigned (again)!

Today is my third time sending out resignation letter this year.

How eventful for someone who had stayed in the same job for the last 9 years.

This current job can’t fit me and I can’t fit myself to the job.

Decided it’s time to do something new before I become too old.

I got back my watch today too! Gee! Double happiness! At least I do not need to wait till August!

Coincidentally, tomorrow is the expiry of the watch’s warranty period… hmm…



  1. Sounds like it is better off for you to move on. Planning on something in the near future?

    • not yet. just need a break.

  2. Wouldn’t they usually warrant your watch for another few months due to the fact that it just got fixed?

    • nope. at least, not on this watch 😦

  3. I stumbled upon your blog whilst doing food reviews. Wow so much has happened since we met… All the best for your future endearvours.

    • food review on??? yup. many things happened. Belyl has also move on to a new area. Thanks! 🙂

  4. I am very surprised to learn of your resignation! I feel that you have so much to contribute…and its really a loss to & your co that you are leaving! Nonetheless, I still wish you well in your future endeavor. Do keep in touch!

    • I don’t want to waste my time doing things that people do not appreciate. It’s time to do something for myself.

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