Posted by: hyacinthus | June 25, 2009 no more

I deleted my account at, a project which I’ve fought hard and build to what it was. Of course, my friends at helped much.

It was a hard decision.

My ex-boss told me: “Why work so hard for this thing?”

Perhaps, I should have heeded the advice.

Now, it’s somebody else’s baby. I can no longer associate with it.

Time to move on.



  1. 😦

  2. It still hurts :_(

  3. y?! its your baby!!

  4. it’s no longer my baby…

    I’ve also resigned today.

  5. Hello Hyacinthus, I recently started visiting and posting on I bought a unit at The Centris in Sep 07. It was only recently that I found out about myhometown while searching online for info on the project. What a surprise I got when I logged in. Such an active forum page and fantastic photos shared by “forumers”. Your pictures of the buildings especially are so informative. Soon, I realise that you seem to be deeply connected with the site. Now I know. You are the creator. For whatever reason you have for quitting now, I am sure you know best. Thank you very much for launching this site. You are a gem.

  6. Thanks Toni. When u believe in something, be passionate and persevere, u’ll achieve the results too. I’ll be taking a break in August and looking for another job after that.

  7. In just a few words, you have expressed everything.

    See the MHT project as something that have enhanced the life of ordinarily folks like us in some ways.. big and small during its better days under your care.

    We are grateful and you have our full support in what you do 🙂

  8. Hyacinthus,

    Your many valuable words of advice, your help, your pictures are being greatly missed. Your warmth especially.

    I believe all of us can feel being associated with you through all the “chats” and “discussions”.

    You have indeed been a friend to many.

    May you find that perfect dream of yours and never be “working” a single day but enjoying every day!

  9. It sad to know that u delete your account. But you are right, we need to move on.
    You still have our support.
    All the best to you! =)

  10. Life is a journey. Just enjoy it. Life is short.

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