Posted by: hyacinthus | June 18, 2009

Loewe Camel Canvas Bag

My parents are back from Spain! Yay!

As expected, my mum felt that the Loewe truffle ostrich bag was too expensive and got me a Loewe Camel Canvas bag in black instead. Good thing! cos that Loewe truffle ostrich calle hobo bag costs nearly S$9,000! hahaha…

Loewe Camel Canvas

Loewe Camel Canvas (Front)

Guess how much this bag cost in Spain? 😉

Loewe Camel Canvas (Back)

Loewe Camel Canvas (Back)

On a Japanese website, it costs nearly S$1,800…

MWSnap048 2009-06-18, 21_12_39

But, this bag costs me €515 😉

Do you know how much is that in S$? About S$1,100.

I was looking at the pics that my mum took and found a bag I like!



The dresses are equally gorgeous!



  1. Hey gal,
    tats a gd deal u’ve got for tat Loewe handbag. Those dresses on the window display is gorgeous 🙂

  2. Hi, like to check whats the exact name of this bag. Is it Calle or? I am trying to find the beige but so far no luck since its past season. Did yr parents get from the boutique itself. Or from outlet. THanks

    • It’s Loewe Camel Canvas.

      They bought it from a boutique.

      I saw it at Singapore Isetan Scotts’ Loewe boutique some months back. It was brown and on sale.

  3. ya i saw someone post but i missed that sales and now no more (not even at normal pricing).

    btw do u still have the code # for yrs. i am trying to figure out the one for the cream (lighter than the jap site u posted)


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