Posted by: hyacinthus | June 15, 2009

Our Dinner at Seletar Country Club’s Seletar Terrace

Pooh sprung a surprise on me this evening.

He came to pick me up today in his new car – or rather a second-hand Toyota Altis which had clocked less than 30,000 km in less than 4 years. Pooh has never bought a brand new car before and… he saves more than I do.

I see a smug glow on his face as I got on the car… this must be a good buy for him 🙂

Anyway, I realised there’re so much to do when one changes to another car.

Had to update the condo management, company, shopping malls (like vivocity for free parking), clubs and anywhere that needs your car plate and/or IU (In-Vehicle Unit) number. Wish there’s similar something like OSCARS for car owners to update the change in vehicle details with these organisations!

And so… we went to Seletar Country Club for dinner. To update the club and have our dinner at the same time.

Seletar Country Club

Seletar Country Club

Main Entrance to the Club

Seletar Country Club Main Entrance

Seletar Country Club Main Entrance

Let’s walk in!



Here we are! There isn’t much food choices except at the Seletar Terrace.


Nice and relax setting 🙂


Let’s have a drink first! Enjoy the evening view and watching the golfers finishing their last hole at the greens.


Club Sandwich S$7.50


Pork Chop S$7.50


By the time, we finished our dinner… skies are turning blue… and flood lights on the greens were on.


Good night! Zzzz…..



  1. harlow, hya
    myhometown is well taken care of by the new folks. hope everything is fine with you in fusionpolis

  2. hi santa! I’m fine. The Clift is progressing well… have not posted the latest picture yet 🙂

  3. Hi,
    Nice to know you started blogging again. Came across your blog on Cecil Street a couple months back. I was also staying in Cecil St old shophouse when I was born till 5yo. So you could havebeen my neighbour! Haha!

  4. hmmm… possibly!

    I was there till 2 years old from 1975 🙂

  5. no worry, hya. I was there two weeks back, counting how many stories have they built.

    coincidentally, one week later, the bank sent me letter to raise the mortgage payment. 😦

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