Posted by: hyacinthus | January 30, 2008


Running a portal is not an easy feat.

Away managing the technical, contents and marketing aspects of this new social networking portal for residents in Singapore – http://MyHomeTown.SG

If anyone is looking for me, I will most likely be at MyHomeTown.SG site or handling matters related to it.

If you live in Singapore, please join as a member in MyHomeTown.SG. Be part of this community if you are interested what’s in and happening in Singapore. Share your experience and engage us with your pictures and words.

This portal can do well only with all Singapore residents!

Will be back updating this blog soon 🙂



  1. Hmmm..think I know where you are from.. 🙂

    Let’s say I am one of the ‘five organisations’ involved and we have yet to launch ours 😛

  2. Hi, good to meet up with you today. Keep up the great work at

  3. Hi!

    I like to talk with you too! Singapola..
    We’r from Thailand!
    C u Soon

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