Posted by: hyacinthus | January 11, 2008

It’s Fun Talking to the Seniors at RSVP

Blogging is more than an online journal.

That’s my blog appreciation talk title for the seniors / retirees conducted at RSVP or Retired and Senior Volunteer Programme, Bishan Junction 8 today. It’s a precursor of a blog course for the senior trainers whom in turn will train the other seniors.

They were full of questions about the blogosphere.

From the talk, I gathered that Seniors may be IT illiterate, they are eager to learn.

Unfortunately, I don’t have the pictures to show. Cos, I was overwhelmed with questions that I have no time to take pictures… What a pity…

Basics like the following before embedding in blogs were second nature to me:

  1. Taking, resizing and uploading pictures
  2. Searching using Google and pasting hyperlinks
  3. Finding widgets and pasting code / url

However, as I talked and realised – they need to know the basics first before aggregating the fun stuff together to create an interesting post. Of course, anyone can create a blog with simply textual posts without video, audio and other widgets. But, it wouldn’t be fun to read if there aren’t pictures and videos.

I hope they have fun and at least remembered how to create a blog using today.

They have a lifetime of experience to share with the world and should leave a legacy for future generations to come! 😀



  1. Too bad I can’t join you yesterday 😦

  2. It’s alright. There’s no hands on at the talk. Just some walkthroughs.

    You must be around to help me at the coming hands on session! 😉

  3. Pls, Contact me too!
    I have a friend who’s RSVP 1985
    They ever training at Korat,where I meet him

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