Posted by: hyacinthus | January 5, 2008

New Toy Again! Wacom Bamboo (Med)

New Year Resolutions are meant to be broken, aren’t they? hehe… 🙂

I’ve spent again!

Bought a Wacom pen tablet – Bamboo Fun today!

Unboxing begins!

The items found in the package

Had to clear my table for it…

It comes with tutorial too. I have experience using a wacom tablet before. But, went through the tutorial for fun… 😉

Dislike things like this to happen when registering online… nobody checks!!! There’s no 2008 for selection 😦

I like how quickly Vista’s handwriting recognition software converts the Chinese character I wrote and inserts into browser and productivity software! I don’t have to open MS Word to copy the chinese text into the browser anymore! Yay! 🙂

Also, I like the pan and zoom feature using this thing in blue shown in picture below! It’s so easy to magnify! 🙂

Zoooooming in. This is not the most magnified version yet!

Or reduce the size…

My old Wacom pen tablet which was too small to be productivity. Will bring this to office to use instead. Still using XP in office. :p

Damage? S$289! (plus Adobe CS3 Flash Professional Upgrade at S$322 on New Year’s eve!)

How to save??? haha… 😀



  1. pricey but nice 🙂
    althou i wonder why Bamboo Fun… how fun can bamboo be?

  2. If you factor in the software – Photoshop Elements and Corel Painter Essentials, the price is okay lah… Was lusting after Wacom Cintiq… Anyway, this is good enough.

    why Bamboo Fun? Hmm… let me guess… chinese painting of bamboos is tough using mouse. use wacom pressure sensitive pen would be easier to draw… thus, Bamboo Fun?! 😀

  3. wah! *drools*
    I’m sadly still using my 2-year-old Genius tablet. =(

  4. wow, you are really quite the tech geek/freak!

  5. @firdooze
    there’s no need for u to replace a 2-year-old tablet lah! hehe… my old tablet was about 6 years old…

    I’m in IT line… with an exceptional craze for such stuff… but, I’m not into motherboards and stuff… 😉

  6. Wow, so pretty. I have a wacom tablet that I got in 2005(?) but I dont use it that much anymore 😐

  7. unless u have a need 4 it… like drawing and writing in Chinese characters 🙂

  8. hi…is there any software available for the bamboo where i can just write on it and it would convert it into “computet text” on MS word?

  9. r u using at least windows XP?

    try this =>

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