Posted by: hyacinthus | December 22, 2007

Speed Test and Blogging using U1010

Speed using Wireless@SG on U1010 

Speed using Singnet 1800 mobile broadband on U1010

Verdict: prefer mobile broadband as it does not drop when move from Singtel shop at Killiney Rd to Great World City.

 Cool! 🙂



  1. whoa, that’s pretty slick!
    how much does it cost a month?

    was using m1’s mobile broadband and it was horrible.

  2. Oh yes M1 sux totally, seriously how much are you paying per month?

  3. they have a xmas promo.

    I’m paying about S$38 per month for 1.8mbps plan. pay 6 mths and get another 6 mths free 🙂

    the mobile broadband modem, registration and data card is FOC. 50gb surfing quota per month.

    Have not tested M1 speed. used once and it seems okay leh…

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