Posted by: hyacinthus | December 22, 2007

Fujitsu U1010 a A5-Size Diary?

Wanted to get Fujitsu U1010 (3.5) or a Kohjinsha last Thursday.

Finally, decided on Fujitsu U1010 (cos U1010 – 3.5G version was reserved by M1 for its customers) at S$1,888.

The box.

Tada! The Fujitsu Lifebook U1010! Only 610gm and fits nicely in my handbag 🙂

The package.

Compare its size to my Lenovo Y410…

… or my LG Viewty.

Looks small and nifty, right? 🙂

My key review after using it.

> Very light and fit snugly like a game machine.
> Tracking mouse (see the black square in the pic below) is easy to use
> The 2-cell battery can only last 1.5hours if surf using Wireless@SG or the mobile broadband non-stop. My package comes with 4-cell battery too. So, I have 4.5 hours in total and would require to shut down to change the battery. However, if u lower the LCD brightness and surf Wireless@SG without any USB peripheral connected to it, the 2-cell battery life can be extended to 2.5 hours 🙂
> There’s only 1 usb port for my usb mobile broadband modem. You can get a USB hub to overcome the issue. But, hey! why connect to so many peripherals if u surf on the move? I also bring along the external VGA/RJ45 port and USB hub for external presentations.
> Using MS Office is fast.
> Text is very small at 96dpi. I’m using 110dpi but some menu items cannot be seen.
> Surfing speed and experience is better than that of Kohjinsha.
> Its screen at 5.6″ is smaller than Asus Eee’s and Kohjinsha’s 7″ screen size. So, it will strain your eyes especially on a moving vehicle.
> Fujitsu U1010 has 3 years warranty compare to 1 year offered by Kohjinsha

Image from Fujitsu

Updated on 8 Apr 2009

I’ve sold my U1010 for S$280 😦



  1. gosh… so small, interesting 🙂
    first look – look just like a portable dvd player 😛

  2. I thought you just bought a laptop not long ago! Now another U1010? You’re the gadget gal~

    Btw, I’m back 🙂

  3. this is a ultra-mobile PC not a laptop 🙂

    where were u?

  4. ok.. the spectrum of digital gds is becoming increasingly defined.

    I came back from my Cliupper Race already.

  5. That’s amazingly awesome! Looks so good. And its very compact from what I can see. I want one! LOL

  6. @Eviokix
    Thought you came back from Clipper Race quite some time ago. btw, still interested to learn Photoshop?

    Though it’s quite small, it doesn’t handle multi-tasking well. I can accept the time lag given that it’s quite convenient to carry around.

  7. very interesting.
    i’m adding in RSS Reader

  8. Thanks for the review! I’ve been reading quite a few reviews, and am deciding between the U1010/Asus eee/Kojinsha SH6/8.

    I’ve also shortlsted the LG Viewty to buy this yr. Any issues syncing between the Viewty and U1010 for Outlook/PIM? Also wanted to clarify: do they supply 2 batteries ie the 2-cell AND 4-cell in the M1 package?

  9. “Also wanted to clarify: do they supply 2 batteries ie the 2-cell AND 4-cell in the M1 package?”

    yes they do, I just asked the m1 shop today.

  10. i went to m1 today again, now they opened the box and said only 1 battery is included, and that is a 2 cell battery.

  11. I’ve had my U810 (US version of U1010) for a couple months now and Love It! So cute! Where did you find the Executive case in that color? I’ve only seen the case in black and purple. Lovely pictures by the way:)

  12. It’s free and the only available colour when I bought U1010 at Singapore’s Funan Centre.

    thanks 🙂

  13. Hmm.. i’m also thinking of getting the U1010 from M1…. Hmm… but it only comes with a 2cell battery which I hear only runs for 1.5hrs.. how sad is that?!

    And I called up a dealer for fujitsu and they say that the popular 4cell battery costs some $350 at sim lim.. =(

    So.. all in, if I get the M1 set, which is close to nothing.. it looks like this..
    $1500 + $350 = $1850…..

    and you paid how much for your set with both batteries and 3g modem?

  14. I didn’t get the M1 set cos M1 3G is slow.

    Instead, I had U1010 and the free 4-hr battery plus casing at S$1,888. I subscribed to Singtel’s MBB at 1.8mbps. It was a 1 for 1 offer where I paid about S$40 per month for 6 months and get the next 6 months free. Furthermore, the Modem is given to me free.

    You can view the speed difference between M1 and Singtel MBB here.

  15. ooo.. i went for the U1010 from M1 on Sunday, shortly after I posted this query. 🙂

    I’m soooo in love with having 1 device that does EVERYTHING (except GPS)….. i love the fact that it’s got 3.5G, at 2Mbps, and I only pay $20.00 a month for 24months for unlimited traffic..

    awesome 🙂

  16. I’m selling my u1010 white. Bought in July 2007. Condition is great.

    email with your best price.

  17. I’ve already trade in mine for only S$250! :_(

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