Posted by: hyacinthus | December 10, 2007

How to install and use a USB Modem for broadband on Mobile?

Finally signed up Singtel’s mobile broadband plan – 1800. Its Christmas bundle was attractive!

Pay 6 months and get another 6 months (plus USB modem) free! 🙂

About the Data card, you can choose to have a single Data / SIM card or 2 separate cards.

If you surf on a single Data / SIM card, you cannot receive or make calls out when surfing.

Before installing the software, insert the Data card or Data/SIM card into your USB modem.

Use the cable with 2 USB heads and insert into your computer.

You’ll be prompted with a screen to install Mobile Partner.

Just click Next all the way.

Installation complete!

Now, use the cable with a single USB head to connect. You’ll see cyan light on the USB modem (provided by Singtel) after it has been connected successfully.

Strange? 7.2 Mbps? Thought up to 1.8 Mbps?

You can view your usage traffic.

You can receive sms to this data card when you surf and will not be charged. But, Singtel charges you for every sms sent using the data card.

I’ve yet documented my experience using M1’s broadband 1800 plan for comparison.


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