Posted by: hyacinthus | December 10, 2007

Bye old friend! Hi new friend!

Just bid farewell to my old friend yesterday.

Felt so sad to trade in my old friend for a new friend. Took a last picture of it…


This is my new friend LG Viewty (KU990).

It’s tough getting used to it as I’m more familiar with Windows Mobile 5 on Dopod D810.

Sms-ing is slower using LG Viewty. Perhaps, I’m not getting used to it yet.

This is the screensaver.

I like its 5 megapixel camera, video functions and battery life. Will say more about them in another post.

This is the customised screen when unlocked.

I need to upload the pictures and videos taken with LG Viewty.

Hmmm… where’re the cards?

Can you spot the micro SD card and my 3G SIM card?

See the ejected micro SD card after a slight push.

See the size difference of the micro SD card and a normal SD card size? Old friend was using mini SD card which is twice the size of micro SD card.

I’ll say what I didn’t like about LG Viewty after one day of usage:

– Both micro SD card and SIM card are underneath the battery; that means I have to switch off the handphone, open the casing (good thing it’s much easier to open than other handphones), remove the battery before I can take out / replace the cards (one can argue to use the data cable provided instead of removing the micro SD card. As for the SIM card, I have no choice as the data card for broadband mobile surfing is separate – how troublesome!)

– The screen protector provided. Perhaps, I don’t have the skills to paste it. So many “bubbles”.

– Volume control is the aperture control ring like thing; was looking for the volume control dial…

– There’s no lens cover

– I missed the mobile office apps like ms excel/word and ease of sms-ing using the touchscreen keyboard on Dopod D810

– Felt and looked casual when compared to HTC TyTYN II which was my the other choice for consideration

– Fingerprint marks on the screen.

– There’s no wifi function

Will say more about what I like about LG Viewty soon.



  1. New friend to old friend – ahh well the new friend looks much better and if a much better device.

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