Posted by: hyacinthus | November 29, 2007

Cheongsams in a Shophouse

Cheongsams are pretty and elegant.

But, I have no courage to splurge at least S$1,000 for a decent looking and presentable cheongsam (that does not make you look like a waitress in a Chinese restaurant). A well-tailored cheongsam using good materials like silk and French lace with beads hand sewn to it would cost at least S$2,000.

Saw many pretty cheongsams in a country-looking violet shophouse at Kampong Glam (21 Bali Lane) today.

Glamourous cheongsams in Kampong Glamheh…

Went into the shop and checked out the dresses (they have other evening dresses too).

I like the first one worn by the leftmost mannequin at its window display and that costs S$1,000.

Consider as “affordable” if you compare it to Shanghai Tang‘s cheongsams at Takashimaya. Custom made cheongsams start from S$4,000 onwards (and takes about 2 months)! *eek!*

Still, I would not bear to part my S$1,000 to buy a cheongsam dress.

If you really need a decent cheongsam for a function, the cheongsam shophouse above has a website at and another shop at 11 Collyer Quay #03-23.


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