Posted by: hyacinthus | November 27, 2007

The French Stall II

Had dinner at French Stall again.

It’s housed in a red-brick shophouse along Serangoon Road.

The street decors for Deepavali were still there last Sunday evening.

Let’s see the menu for its popular 3-course set.

* I’ll add the other sections of the menu later…

The Interior

Soup of the Day – Mixed Vegetables Soup

Grilled Pork Chop with Gratinated Potatoes Dauphinois – Sideview

Top view

Steam Rolled Dory Fillet with Garlic Scented Mash Potatoes – Side View

Top View

Special Dark Chocolate Cake

Honey Cheese Cake

Total damage = S$43.80

On the whole, main course and desserts were good – liked the honey cheese cake which is rather light to finish all. But, I didn’t like the soup. Rolled Dory is definitely better than the pan-fried dory offered previously.



  1. saw this a while ago… thinking about trying it out next time..hmmmm

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