Posted by: hyacinthus | November 26, 2007

S$7 or 2.2kg of Advertisements and Promotions

I remembered the first time I had ever bought Her World was only S$4.50 a copy.

Slowly, the price increases and now it costs S$7 a copy (S$60 if you subscribe for a year)!

The magazine is getting heavier too.

Uncle at 7-11 commented, “Aiyoh, so heavy! I think need 2 plastic bags!”

I simply smiled back.

Sure enough, it’s really ridiculous to see that the entire Her World package for December 2007 issue was a whopping 2.2kg!

Estimated 70% of the entire package is either advertisement, freebie or promotion.

Perhaps, it has a hidden agenda to make us grow some muscle carrying it!



  1. buy home concepts magazine la 😉

  2. *laufing sheepishly* I bought it too:)

  3. @malique
    I also buy home decor magazines. but, why home concepts?

    despite the sheer weight of it! 😀

  4. home concepts better! 😀

  5. u work for Home Concepts? 😉

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