Posted by: hyacinthus | November 24, 2007

I like new buses!

Finally, had a chance to take 174’s new bus! There’re about 100 such buses from SBS Transit.

Its front and back LED panels show the service number on the left – meaning it’s easier to check the service number if there are many buses queueing at the bus-stop.

No steps – meant to be wheel-chair friendly.

This part is for wheel-chair commuters.

Warning sign.

Different colour bell to alert the Bus Captain to assist… hmmm…

Instead of the usual air con vents, it’s now circular.

Easy to maintain seat cover.

Hammer to break the glass in case.

Comfortable – more leg room

On the whole, I like the new bus design.

But, I think it’s impractical to make buses wheel-chair friendly. Can you imagine a bus load of passengers at peak hour going to work? hmm…



  1. the new wheelchair friendly buses are nice and comfy. they probably changed it only for certain routes with more wheelchair passengers.

    as for peak hours, you’d have alot of grumpy & sleepy passengers standing and nodding off 🙂

  2. Yoz.. I see more nice pictures in your site again! I have taken the new buses many times. I like the new buses generally. It is indeed more comfortable(perhaps because it’s new?) but I felt there are some shortfalls in the design like the steps leading to the back of the buses. It can be a potential safety hazard!

  3. Precisely!

    It’s hard to balance the needs of wheelchair passengers as well as bus engine designs. Where to keep that bus engine if the floor board needs to be low?

    The bus engine is installed below the higher floor board btw.

    Someone said don’t penalise the majority to meet the needs of the minority. There are definitely other more viable solutions than to make our buses wheel-chair friendly. Eg. subsidised vans specially for wheelchair passengers and one accompanied passenger for each wheelchair passenger.

  4. One of these days someone’s just gonna trip over and fall flat on his face! heh~


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