Posted by: hyacinthus | November 23, 2007

Wedding Dinner at Marriott Hotel

Just a week ago, we had a 8-course Chinese dinner. Yesterday, we had another 8-course Chinese dinner. There are quite a few wedding dinners/luncheons to attend in Nov and Dec this year!

We’ve just came home from our cousin’s wedding dinner at Marriott Hotel, Legacy Suite. She had her wedding ceremony conducted in Australia already. This is a smaller scale wedding dinner for relatives in Singapore.

As it’s a weekday, I went straight after work to meet my family there.

The Souvenirs

Dinner menu

First dish arrived at 8.30pm – good thing I had curry puff for tea in the office.

Finally, the last dish at about 11pm…

By the time we reached home, it’s already 11.40pm!



  1. Oh my oh my.. marriott.. the food looks so appetizing! Eating good food is my fav too besides current affairs!

  2. note to self: it is not a good idea to read hya*cinthus’ blog at 1.41am in the morning.

  3. @James
    Food is indeed Singaporeans’ favourite pastime.

    Noted. The latest post is not about food and it’s close to most public transport users 🙂

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