Posted by: hyacinthus | November 17, 2007

Food Tasting at Man Fu Yuan

My dear brother’s holding a wedding dinner next month.

So are my 2 other cousins and one colleague of mine.

Wow! Talking about right timing.

We were at Inter-Continental Hotel – Man Fu Yuan to do food tasting for his wedding dinner on Thursday.

Entrance to the restaurant

We did food tasting in this private room

Wall decor in the room

Like my usual self, I’ll entertain myself taking pictures of everything I see while waiting for my parents and another brother to arrive.

Plate with many intricate details. Snap!

Saucer and chopsticks placeholder. Snap!

Ends of a chopsticks. The metal part adds some weight to help you balance your chopsticks better.

Menu – What to look for ahead 🙂

Jasmine Tea – Nice fragrance.

Chopped Red Chilli

1st Dish – Deluxe Suckling Pig Platter


Suckling Pig Skin

Centrepiece of the dish – Saw a pair of bears in front of a heart?

Drunken Chicken

Marinated Octopus

Prawns covered with salad cream


How it was served to me.

Braised Sharksfin with Fresh Crabmeat

More details of my share… crab meat real fresh! yum yum!

A Food Tasting Comment Form

Sauteed Fresh Australian Scallops and Prawns with Seasonal Vegetables in Spicy Sauce

Fresh and Good!


Braised Sea Cucumber and Chinese Mushrooms with fresh field vegetables in Superior Oyster Sauce

Frankly, I don’t really eat sea cucumber. So, no comments about it.

Steamed Tiger Garoupa in Hong Kong Style

More details of its skin. Looked like Tiger prints? 🙂


Crispy Roasted Chicken with Crackers

Once you have tasted Chef Chan’s, the rest is really non-comparable to his excellent paper-thin crispy Chicken.

Anyway, this is good too.


Salt anyone?

Fried Seafood Udon With Onions and Bean Sprouts

This is good. Udon tastes like Bee Tai Bak.

Sweet Yam Paste Cream with Gingko Nuts

Sweetness is just right. The paste is not too thick.

Like this dessert.

Heard a wedding table like this costs about S$1100 for 10pax.

So, get ready your red packets! hahah… 😀



  1. hey!! yr food pics makes me really hungry … haha, congrats to yr bro …

  2. Thanks!

    Just came back from a cousin’s wedding dinner. Will be posting the food pics soon 😉

  3. Hi ,

    I have just been to the new restaurent manned by Chef Chan at the corner of National museum .I must share this with you incase you have lost touch of his restaurent at Odeon Towers. His 3 delicacies are still just as good besides some other dishes that he has added to his menu.We don’t normally order from his menu unless we specifically want the 3 delicacies, otherwise ,he will cook what he feels like cooking for us ( only after informing him what we don’t eat ).The atmosphere of this new place is great , it’s like an extention of the museum with his excuisite chinese antique collection which the museum may not even have.Looks like the general public is still unaware of his new joint , otherwise got to make advance bookings of weeks ahead.His premise can only accommodate 50 pax at most, we were fortunate to have celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary there .Truly satisfied with his hospitality .Wishing him success in his new endeavour. Joyce

  4. thanks for informing me 🙂

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