Posted by: hyacinthus | November 15, 2007

Changi Airport T3 – Arrival Hall

Leaving departure holding area, on the left – getting to T1/T2 from the Transit Mall on level 2?

I’m not too sure cos this is zoomed in. Probably some checks on the passport first? 

On the right – escalator and stairs going down to the Arrival Hall

The Arrival Hall

More greens!

Your family and friends can see you through the glass wall on level 2 – how fun spotting them 🙂

The escalator and stairs connecting Transit Mall on level 2 and Arrival Hall on level 1.

Going towards immigration counters

Notice the signs were in 4 languages – Malay…



and Mandarin.

Wow! Lovely sight while waiting for your luggage at the belts. The 5-storey high and 300m wide green wall.

Noticed the design of the marble flooring? It’s like shadows of the hanging metal shapes on the roof.

Free trolleys for use 🙂

Wall tiles made in Bali

There’s even flowers growing on the green wall! 25 species of climbing plants in total.

Occasionally, there’s mist too… if there are birds or butterflies too? wow… paradise, isn’t it?

Nothing to declare.

Back to the public area.

End of Tour.

But, I have more pictures coming up on T3.

Be back for more! 🙂



  1. Didn’t know i can get a virtual tour of T3 just by visiting ur blog!!

  2. haha… in fact, they do have a virtual tour of T3 on their official website as well. Even before the open house 😉

  3. Walking around T3 was certainly a fantastic experience for me. There were moments when I forgot this place is an airport terminal, because it felt more like a huge shopping mall 🙂

  4. u r right.

    especially at the basement where the foodcourt and supermarket (NTUC) were. I thought I was in some heartland mall!

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