Posted by: hyacinthus | November 14, 2007

Changi Airport T3 – Transit Mall (Part II)

After seeing butterfly garden, we walked back to shopping stretch again.

Charles & Keith going international?

Notice carpet instead of the usual hard flooring? The carpet design is travellers’ choice in a poll conducted last year. Do you like it?

Personally, I don’t. Though, it does make the airport more “homely”.

We walked past this

Hmm… going to Transit Hotel and Free Movie? 🙂


Walking towards the departure gates

Walked through the metal detectors

Another carpet design as we enter

Another design…

3 carpet designs seen so far. See any design you liked?

These are the expensive Sweden handmade chairs near the departure gates.

Closer look at its fabric.

If someone plonk down next to you while you are sleeping on this chair, you will not be affected by the movement.

Also, its fabric is said to be more durable.

Overview of the departure holding area

More Internet stations to amuse you


End of pictorial tour of Transit Mall and Departure Gates on level 2 and seeing the Arrival Immigration area on level 1 soon…



  1. OMG the carpets are hideous!!! But the skylight roof “windows” opening up (in public area) are nice.

    Thanks for the T3 tour though…I thought of going as well, but this is a great preview!

  2. Do go and experience it yourself.

    It’s more fun! *happy*

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