Posted by: hyacinthus | November 14, 2007

Changi Airport T3 – Transit Mall (Part I)

Entering the Transit Mall.

Do I look like a terrorist?


No. I’m a peace-loving girl.


Are you carrying more than S$30,000?

I have only S$600. Pass! 🙂

Tried your biometric passport? I tried mine at T2 early this year.

Quite easy to use the machines for clearance.

After clearance, the guide told us that Fullerton Hotel’s Post Bar is operating at the Crossroad – an event promotion and drinking lounge area.

Crossroad looks like this (taken from 2nd floor near Viewing Gallery – not in the Transit Mall area)

Then, we walk to the right of the Transit Mall.

Transit Hotel and Movie Theatre are on level 3. You can also enjoy spa services here.

What if you missed the plane? :p

Smoking Area… :p

This is near Koi pond area.

Many free internet surfing stations! 🙂

Erm… no keyboard?

Real trees planted.

The Koi Pond – no Kois yet.

You can even use your own notebook and hook up to Internet here.

One thing that I noticed is the Transit Mall does not have annoying sunshades blocking the view of the runway. At the viewing gallery (that is accessible by public), there were sunshades blocking the view… :p

You can see the planes clearly from Transit Mall.

Butterfly Garden – It seems that butterflies are attracted to Ginger flower. Again, I didn’t see any butterflies.

more pictures coming up…


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