Posted by: hyacinthus | November 13, 2007

Journey to Changi Airport T3

It was slightly past 7am this morning when babystan sms-ed me and RC to go to T3.

I was still Zzzzz-ing…

After several exchanges of smses (while I was still snoozing), I decided to take morning leave to meet him there at 9am.

From home to T3 was a long way…

Took 174 and switch to 36 at the bus-stop outside Tangs along Orchard Road.

Lovely day!

Outside Raffles Hotel bus-stop, I sms-ed babystan to tell him that I would be late.

He was puzzled and so was I.

After some sms exchanges, I realised his original message was to meet at 9am on Saturday! (T3 open house starts at 10am on weekdays)

In any case, he was able to meet me at 10.30am. So, I decided to go to T1 for breakfast first.

Journey on 36 started at 8.40am and ended at T1 at 9.25am.

When 36 first arrived at T3, a policewoman came up the bus to do a visual inspection. Then, the bus moved into T3’s underground bus stop. Just some distance before the bus was to enter into T1’s underground bus terminal, a policeman also came up the bus to do a visual inspection. hmmm…

When 36 stopped at T1’s underground bus stop, I wasn’t sure if it was T1 or T2. It was embarassing as I had to ask a foreigner if it was T1. However, I was not the only one facing the problem. Another group on the bus also asked the same question after seeing that I had asked the foreigner. There should be signage (big enough) at least to inform the passengers which terminal exactly they are at.

I had my breakfast at T1’s Burger King before proceeding to look for directions to T3.

There are signages to lead people to T3 from T1.

Taking the new skytrain – I didn’t wait long. About 5min.

Its interior.

Some instructions on the screen.

Saw a signboard along the way from T1 to T3.

A new transit hotel – Singapore Crowne Plaza is under construction and will be ready in early 2008.

Bye T1!

T3 here I come! 🙂



  1. Hi, hya!
    I was just doing a little research on Changi Airport’s new Terminal 3 and came across a link to your blog entry on the subject. As always, fine photos and delightful, engaging narrative. 🙂

    Thanks a whole lot.

  2. Hi Seafan! 🙂

    Are you coming to Singapore soon???!!!

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