Posted by: hyacinthus | November 13, 2007

Changi Airport T3 – Public Area (Part I)

Arriving at T3!

As the train door opened, you’ll see Skytrain to T2 opposite you.

Turning to the left.

Do you know…?

SIA using both T2 and T3.

Moving inwards…

You will be able to spot your darling clearing the immigration gantries from level 2 – through this glass wall.

Want to visit the transit area? Buy tickets.

move in further…

suddenly, “closed” roof became “opened” roof…

Eh? T3 in operation meh?

Zoom in… Testing 123… 🙂

See what are they doing?

Testing the luggage mover system? Test Bags!

Wondering how fast can they clear all the bags?

Surprise! There are food places already opened! This is just one of them.

More pictures in next post. 🙂



  1. Looks grand! Nice pics taken.

  2. if u can, visit and help Singapore Cancer Society too 🙂

  3. Eh? What’s with the Cancer Society? They have a grand building too? Your updated airport pics are very nice! But…. the airport taxes will confirm be very ex.

  4. hmmm… no comments. I believe their intentions is good to donate the tour fees to needy cancer patients through Singapore Cancer Society.

    Thanks for appreciating! It’s much effort and time. Slept at 1am this morning…

    Well, we can’t look at figures in isolation.

    Singapore’s airport tax is competitive when compared to other International airports in the world (using current passenger service charge rate for T1 and T2 at S$21, which includes Passenger Security Service Charge of S$6, as benchmark) and the amount charged is insignificant when compared to those security and fuel surcharges imposed by airlines.


  5. Oh god! You actually gave the Budget Terminal link. Taken Tiger Airways once and I swear I would never take a second time. I shall not complain about the airline but the terminal is really very out of the way. Anyway I saw from T3’s website that it’s opening on 9 Jan 08. I will be back from my BKK trip on that day! Just in time for the opening! Shall go and have a look!

  6. Oops. That was me by the way.

  7. The reference meant to state where I had lifted the info on Passenger Service Charge. It was from Budget Terminal FAQs on “Passenger Service Charges”.

    SIA is using both T2 & T3.

    I believe if you are departing from Bangkok, you should be arriving at T2. If your luggage is not heavy, probably good to take skytrain to T3 and have fun experiencing the skytrain and T3’s architecture and ambience 🙂

  8. […] Changi Airport T3 – Transit Mall (Part I) (Part II) – hya*cinthus: Changi Airport T3 – Public Area (Part I) (Part […]

  9. awesome!

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