Posted by: hyacinthus | November 12, 2007

Women’s Weekly 1-for-1 Offer: Ema’s Diner

I had this Women’s Weekly 1-for-1 dining booklet and Ema’s Diner was one of the coupons offering cost of 1 main for 2 mains. We ordered Grilled Salmon Fillet and New Zealand Ribeye Steak.


Pooh was famished and so we had mushroom soup and garlic bread too.

This soup is less creamy than usual. Not much comments.

Soft garlic bread – taste light.

This is disappointing for S$18.90+. Ribeye?

I can’t believe this. For S$18.90+, they are serving such a ridiculously small piece of salmon fillet.

Total damage.

If they are serving abnormally small portion or lousy cuts because of this “1-for-1” offer, I think that’s cheating.

Ema’s Diner
8 Greenwood Ave
Tel: 6100-8711


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