Posted by: hyacinthus | November 12, 2007

Do guys still use tie pin nowsaday?

No. According to a few upmarket stores for working professionals in Singapore like Massimo Dutti, Zara, Raoul and i:am – they do not stock tie pins. Even Marks and Spencer doesn’t have it.

However, you can still find tie pins at bigger family stores like Metro and Robinsons for about S$60 & above.

A quick visual survey at Raffles Place, hardly anyone is wearing a tie with a tie pin. 

What’s a tie pin?

Its purpose is to keep a tie neatly in place so that it doesn’t dip into soup or get caught in something.

Since it’s so useful, why are tie pins losing its appeal while shirt accessories like cufflinks (which are impractical) are gaining popularity?

Who killed the demand for tie pins?



  1. I was a little surprised at the lack of availability of tie-pins. Here in Kolkata, India, a set of cuff links is always sold with a matching tie-pin as part of the ‘package.’ I find tie-pins decorative, useful, and attractive. Tie-pins are quite popular in the sub-continent.

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