Posted by: hyacinthus | November 12, 2007

Asia Grand Restaurant (Odeon)

Forgot to bring my good friend to lunch – camera. Had to make do with my Dopod D810’s camera function.

We went to Asia Grand Restaurant at Odeon Tower which used to be the famous Cantonese restaurant – Chui Heng Chun at Hotel Asia, Scotts Road. The hotel was demolished to make way for the Ascott’s service apartments.

I’ll show the damage first.

Dad forgot to check the bill. We were charged S$6 for 2 pickles which we had returned.

Their Peking duck is good and cheap at S$28++! They use egg crepe and has prawn crackers at the side. You can even bring the duck meat back for dinner instead of adding S$10 to include it as another dish. We didn’t order today as we just had Peking duck on Thursday.

The pickles that were returned.

What my brother ordered – if you can figure out the words… :p

haha… “delicious dumpling” as stated in the receipt.

hmmm… see anything delicious? Okay lah.

Fried Codfish Roll

Unique but taste is so-so

Shrimp Beancurd Roll

Fried XO Carrot Cake – Taste best of all the dim sum ordered.

Century Egg and Lean Meat Congee

Lobster in each of this – so so. Lobster should be eaten on its own.

Siew Mai

This is disappointing.

I didn’t eat this.

Shrimp Roll with Mango

Har Kau – “harder than usual” skin

Char Siew Bun

Steamed Carrot Cake – refine and soft. But, slightly dry.

Overall, the dim sum is average. We didn’t find anything special about it. Though they tried to invent new dim sum using lobster and codfish, I think loster and codfish are best eaten as a main dish.

This restaurant is probably famous for its main dishes like Peking duck, soup and other exotic seafood dishes.

Jasmine tea served wasn’t up to our standard… we missed the Jasmine tea at Hai Xiang Ge.

UOB and Citibank Credit Card holders will enjoy 10% discount off the bill.

Asia Grand Restaurant (Odeon)
#01-02 & #01-05/08 Odeon Towers
331 North Bridge Road
Singapore 188720
Telephone: (65) 6887-0010



  1. Frankly, the pics are…… erm…..

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