Posted by: hyacinthus | November 11, 2007

Gift for your colleagues and friends?

Printed calendar is a common gift that I receive end of the year.

I was thinking about customising calendars to give one each to my colleagues and friends, earlier before everyone else does. Of course, there will be some who would rather rely on their PDA or handphone’s electronic calendar!

It took me the whole day to do these before a calendar is finally considered as completed!

1. Find a suitable calendar tempate from Microsoft’s Office Templates

2. Get Singapore’s 2008 Public Holidays from MOM’s website.

3. Get the dates from 2008’s Lunar Calendar – To mark first and fifteenth day for those who need to know

4. Find suitable pictures – Wanted to give my mum first and she wanted Boy Boy’s pictures

5. Edit pictures and template

6. Find and buy suitable photo paper.

7. Test out my brother’s inkjet photo printer – HP C4180

8. Finally, show printed calendar samples for my mum to determine which size is best for her.

Sample 1


Sample 2

Now, I know producing a calendar is not that easy and time-consuming!

PS. Here’s the 2008 Calendar (with Public Holdays and Lunar indications) for you to customise yourself



  1. Thanks for the tips! I wouldn’t have thought of that … not in a light year!

  2. Boy boy looks so cute..

  3. love you……………..

    Boy Boy!

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