Posted by: hyacinthus | November 5, 2007

Creative Warehouse Sale

Deepavali’s not over yet.

Christmas decors are up along Orchard Road, Tanglin Mall and Vivocity. I’m sure elsewhere the malls are getting ready to dress up for Christmas.

Need ideas for gifts?

Creative is having a warehouse sale on 15th November 2007 in an exclusive closed door preview sale for its members and 2 of their guests.

For more information on the Creative Warehouse sale >



  1. Are you a member? Do you have your two guests? 😀

  2. I’m. No guests yet. I can bring you in. By the time I’m done. It’s probably 7pm to meet there.

    btw, it’s my first time there. Not sure crowded or not… :p

  3. Hehe ^^

    Get the items you want cheap there! I plan to get an MP3 if the price / damage permits.

  4. But sadly, I am not a member ^^

    So I have to get it at retail price…

  5. Whoever know end of the year when got creative warehouse sale?

  6. *shrug* dunno.

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